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Take Shelter
Take Shelter

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Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain
Sep 30, 2011
R, 2 hr.


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Movie Info

Cast: Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, Tova Stewart, Shea Whigham, Katy Mixon, Natasha Randall, Ron Kennard, Scott Knisley, Robert Longstreet, Heather Caldwell
Director: Jeff Nichols (VI), Jeffrey Nicholson
Rated: R
Running Time: 2 hr.
Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Drama
Theater Release: Sep 30, 2011
DVD Release: Feb 14, 2012
Synopsis: Curtis LaForche lives in a small Ohio town with his wife Samantha and six-year-old daughter Hannah, who is deaf. Money is tight, and navigating Hannah's healthcare and special needs education is a constant struggle. Despite that, Curtis and Samantha are very much in love and their family is a happy one. Then Curtis begins having terrifying dreams about an encroaching, apocalyptic storm. He chooses to keep the disturbance to himself, channeling his anxiety into the obsessive building of a storm shelter in their backyard. But the resulting strain on his marriage and tension within the community doesn't compare to Curtis' private fear of what his dreams may truly signify. Faced with the proposition that his disturbing visions signal disaster of one kind or another, Curtis confides in Samantha, testing the power of their bond against the highest possible stakes. -- (C) Sony Classics

Critic Reviews

  • David Thomson, The New Republic
    In my estimate, this unique and frequently arresting film suffers from the monotony of the lead players' affect, and from the film's urge to have its gloomy cake and eat it.
  • Justin Chang, Variety
    A hallucinatory thriller anchored by a deeply resonant sense of unease.
  • Tom Huddleston, Time Out
    When future film historians look back at the cultural fallout from America's financial collapse, 'Take Shelter' will be a key text. That is, if the storm doesn't sweep us all away.
  • Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
    Shannon wonderfully modulates Nichols' portrait of a man whose mind and life seem to unravel before our eyes.
  • Tom Long, Detroit News
    There's a strong, unsettling sense of disease that runs through Take Shelter, the best drama of the year so far.
  • Joe Williams, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    In an era of empty entertainments, "Take Shelter" is built to last.
  • Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic
    Shannon is astounding, playing a good man pushed to the brink of sanity, maybe beyond. He portrays a sense of quiet desperation -- a feeling recognizable to many.
  • Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald
    Take Shelter is paced slowly and deliberately, which is necessary to make believable whatever is tormenting Curtis.
  • Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post
    A work of hushed and persuasive emotional veracity.
  • Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News
    The movies have long been mad about the onset of madness.
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