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The Secret World of Arrietty
The Secret World of Arrietty

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Mirai Shida, RyŻnosuke Kamiki
Feb 17, 2012
G, 1 hr. 34 min.


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Movie Info

Cast: Mirai Shida, RyŻnosuke Kamiki, Kirin Kiki, Tomokazu Miura, Shinobu ‘take, Keiko Takeshita, Bridgit Mendler, Amy Poehler, Will Arnett, Carol Burnett
Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Atsushi Okui, Gary Rydstrom
Rated: G
Running Time: 1 hr. 34 min.
Genre: Animation, Art House & International, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Theater Release: Feb 17, 2012
DVD Release: May 22, 2012
Synopsis: Arrietty (Bridgit Mendler), a tiny, but tenacious 14-year-old, lives with her parents (Will Arnett and Amy Poehler) in the recesses of a suburban garden home, unbeknownst to the homeowner and her housekeeper (Carol Burnett). Like all little people, Arrietty (AIR-ee-ett-ee) remains hidden from view, except during occasional covert ventures beyond the floorboards to "borrow" scrap supplies like sugar cubes from her human hosts. But when 12-year-old Shawn (David Henrie), a human boy who comes to stay in the home, discovers his mysterious housemate one evening, a secret friendship blossoms. If discovered, their relationship could drive Arrietty's family from the home and straight into danger. -- (C) Disney

Critic Reviews

  • Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter
    The fresh and simple story will win its share of young fans, though it lacks the disturbing adult elements might have attracted older audiences.
  • Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader
    [The film] pulses with feeling for childhood and nature and develops a surprising amount of suspense considering it takes place around a single suburban home.
  • Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor
    The Secret World of Arrietty is a marvelously captivating animated feature about very tiny people and the full-scale world they inhabit.
  • Ian Buckwalter, The Atlantic
    Yonebayashi gives Arrietty an excellent sense of balance, with the adventure aspects of the story, which feel legitimately dangerous providing well-paced contrast the film's more placid moments.
  • Rafer Guzman, Newsday
    It's an enjoyable and attractive-looking film, but a little of that "Speed Racer" energy wouldn't have been such a bad thing.
  • Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger
    The visual details are inventive, and the animation - particularly the colors - is lovely.
  • Jody Mitori, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    "The Secret World of Arrietty" proves that imagination still matters amid all the clamor.
  • Lou Lumenick, New York Post
    "The Secret World of Arrietty'' is a feast for the eyes that will engage the entire family.
  • Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail
    The Secret World of Arrietty is sweet fun, an astute match of exquisite style and small content.
  • Amy Joyce, Washington Post
    This gorgeous little movie is sure to be beloved by your little people, who may discover what it means to find a magical beauty in the things we can't altogether see.
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