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    Hocus Pocus (PG, 1993)

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  • Infidel

    Infidel (R, 2020)

    INFIDEL is a contemporary political thriller set in the Middle East and filled with suspense and intrigue, inspired by true events, and ripped from to... read moreday's headlines. Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ, Person of Interest, Deja Vu) plays an American journalist/blogger who is kidnapped while attending a conference in the Middle East. Taken hostage by the Iranian regime, he is put on trial for trumped-up charges of espionage. His wife, who works for the State Department, quickly realizes that the American government can do nothing. Feeling desperate and alone, she goes to Iran to try to free him herself. This exciting story sheds light on the plight of Americans currently held captive in Iran, about whom the world has forgotten.
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  • The Call

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    From the creator of Final Destination, Lin Shaye and Tobin Bell star in this terrifying tale of death from the fall of 1987. After a tragic accident, ... read morea group of small-town friends must survive the night in the home of a sinister couple. One by one, their worst nightmares quickly become reality as they enter the realm of THE CALL. Four Friends. One Phone Call. 60 Seconds. Stay Alive.
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    Alone (Unrated, 2020)

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    Henchmen (Unrated, 2020)

    In a world of super-villains, evil schemes and global domination someone has to take out the Trash. Welcome to the world of Henchmen, third class. Whe... read moren a fresh-faced new recruit joins the Union of Evil, he is assigned to a motley crew of blue-collar workers led by fallen henchmen Hank. But when The Kid accidentally steals the super villain's ultimate weapon, Hank must break his risk nothing code to save the boy he's befriended, even if it means becoming the one thing he has always avoided being a hero.
  • Kajillionaire

    Kajillionaire (R, 2020)

    Con-artists Theresa (Debra Winger) and Robert (Richard Jenkins) have spent 26 years training their only daughter, Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood), to swi... read morendle, scam, and steal at every opportunity. During a desperate, hastily conceived heist, they charm a stranger (Gina Rodriguez) into joining their next scam, only to have their entire world turned upside down.
  • Shortcut

    Shortcut (R, 2020)

    SHORTCUT follows a group of five classmates trapped inside their school bus after a mysterious creature invades the road. Every passing minute decreas... read morees their survival chances against the constant threats of that unknown entity.
  • A Call to Spy

    A Call to Spy (PG-13, 2020)

    As Great Britain's forces were stretched thin during World War II, Winston Churchill's Special Operations Executive (SOE) began to enlist women as spi... read morees. Their daunting mission: conduct sabotage and build a resistance. Spymistress Vera Atkins, later the inspiration for Ian Fleming's Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond franchise, was the chief recruiter for this secret army. Atkins selected two unusual candidates: Virginia Hall, an American journalist from Baltimore hampered by a wooden leg, and Noor Inayat Khan, a wireless officer of Indian descent and an avowed pacifist. Together, they worked to undermine the Nazi regime in France. The courage, sacrifices and grit of these three women helped quell the Nazi occupation -- and ultimately turned the tide of the war.
  • Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton

    Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton (PG, 2020)

    No information available.
    The inspiring true story of a poor Irish immigrant who sets sail for America in 1928 with dreams of becoming a millionaire but, with the help of the m... read moreost iconic celebrities of Hollywood, ends up spending his life championing the message, "The family that prays together stays together."
  • Save Yourselves!

    Save Yourselves! (R, 2020)

    Jack (John Reynolds) and Su (Sunita Mani) are a hip Brooklyn couple who, like many of their friends, find themselves dependent on technology and unabl... read moree to put down their phones. Fearing their mindless scrolling may impact their connection with each other, they seize the chance to head to an isolated cabin in the woods, vowing to unplug from the outside world for a week. Sheltered from texts and push notifications, they are blissfully unaware that the planet is under attack. As strange events unfold, the couple must figure out a way back to civilization--or what's left of it.

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Top In Theater Reviews

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, 1993)

    With an impeccable production design, a deliciously ghoulish, German Expressionist feel to its story... read more and an excellent soundtrack replete with inspired songs, this delightful movie is even more surprising thanks to the perfect way that it combines animation and stop motion.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, 1993)

    - by fb100000145236770
    I remember seeing this in the theater as a kid. The main thing I remember is it's the first movie I ... read moresaw with my mom where she fell asleep. I didn't think it was all that great at the time. However, time has been good to this movie. It's pretty much a cult classic now(hell my brother Matt has all kinds of merchandise). When I got a 3D TV, I knew I would wanna get this on 3D Blu Ray. In 3D, this is a whole new experience. The animation bursts off the screen, especially the Boogie Mans song scene. If you haven't seen it, the story is about Jack the Skeleton, the pumpkin king of Halloweentown. One day in the woods he stumbles through a door into Christmas town. He falls in love with Christmas and wants to have Christmas apart of Halloweentown, and things get crazy from there. By far, one of the weirdest, oddest animated movies ever. But, it is highly creative, imaginative, and a true one of a kind film. May not be a real Christmas classic, but it does hold up well, and the songs are catchy as hell. Re-watching this after all these years was like revisiting an old friend.
  • Hocus Pocus (PG, 1993)

    A film I loved as a child and still love it now. Its an easy and fun Halloween watch to get you in t... read morehe mood. It is very Disney with very cheesy characters and the romance between the two kids is typically teen but I guess that's the type of film their target market wants to see. The cat is very well done and cute too.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, 1993)

    The animation is absolutely brilliant and the songs are excellent. Its my favorite christmas film of... read more all time.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, 1993)

    It's been twenty years since The Nightmare Before Christmas was released and ten years since I first... read more saw it. I remember seeing the trailers in front of some of the Disney VHS tapes I owned as a kid and that is how I became interested in it. I remember my mom taking my sister and I to the video store to rent it. I remember liking the movie the first time I saw it but I will admit, it did creep me out a bit. As the years went by and the more times I saw this movie, the more I grew to enjoy it. Now, The Nightmare Before Christmas is not only one of my favorite films to watch on the holidays, it's one of my favorite movies ever.

    The film is the brainchild of Tim Burton and is directed by Henry Selick. The film starts off in Halloween Town, a home to many ghouls and monsters. Jack Skellington, the king of the pumpkin patch, grows tired of the Halloween festivities and longs for something new. Jack soon discovers a portal to Christmas Town, a bright and cheerful place where Santa and his elves live in. Jack is amazed by the concept of Christmas and attempts to get the citizens of Halloween Town to celebrate it. Jack also plans to take the role of Santa Claus and deliver toys to children. However, these plans backfire on Jack and the results are unforgettable.

    There are many things I enjoy about this movie. First of all, I love the premise. Christmas and Halloween are two of my favorite holidays. Seeing a movie that combines the two is such a treat. There is enough spooky content to make this film appropriate for Halloween and enough bright colors and merriment to make it a Christmas movie. As for the story, it's very original. It's simple, straightforward, and imaginative. Tim Burton creates a cast of memorable characters here. It never gets boring. Every second of the film gives you something wonderful to look at. As for the story, it's very original. I just love the idea of a creepy guy like Jack Skellington discovering such a happy holiday and putting his own spin on it. As for the writing, it's pretty good. There's some good humor in this film.

    The characters are one of the most memorable aspects of the film. Jack Skellington, is one of my favorite movie characters ever. I'm not ashamed to admit that I own a few pieces of memorabilia with his face on it. I just love his optimistic and curious attitude. Even when he gets emotional, you kind of feel bad for him. We've all been there before. We want to try something new and sometimes the outcome isn't pretty. You can pretty much relate to Jack. Sally is also a good character as well. She's a ragdoll with a crush on Jack who feels for him. She's another character you can relate to. I'm pretty sure we've all longed to be with someone and hope that our feelings for them are reciprocated. Oogie Boogie, the antagonist of the film, is a great villain. He's creepy, bloodthirsty, and I love the design of the character. Lock, Shock, and Barrel are some of the most sinister children ever created. They may be mischievous but I think they are pretty cool. And who forget Jack's beloved dog, Zero? Gosh, I love that adorable ghost dog. All the characters in the film are cool and the designs for them are awesome.

    Chris Sarandon voices Jack Skellington and he brings a lot of energy to the role. He is able to show many of Jack's great traits through his performance. He is perfect for the role. Catherine O'Hara also does a good job as Sally. She is sincere and sweet. William Hickey does a good job as Dr. Ficklestein. His voice fits the grotesque look of the character. I can tell that Ken Page was having a blast playing Oogie Boogie. Like Chris Sarandon, he is full of energy. The voice acting in the film is solid. All the actors do well with their roles.

    Like nearly every animated Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a musical. I personally love the music in this movie. All the songs are memorable. The opening number, "This is Halloween", is a perfect introduction to the Halloween world of the film. I love how each character is introduced. It's a great way to start the film. Another song I like is "What's This?", which is sung by Jack when discovers Christmas Town. I love the lyrics in this song and how Jack compares Halloween to Christmas. I also like seeing Halloween and Christmas come together in the song, "Making Christmas". I also like the song, "Kidnap the Santa Claus", because we get to see how devious Lock, Shock, and Barrel can be. "Oogie Boogie's Song" is also great as well. I love the music in this movie. Danny Elfman wrote some great lyrics and catchy music for this film. Elfman also provides the singing voice for Jack and he does a great job. Danny Elfman's songs and score for the film is just plain awesome.

    After twenty years, the animation in the film holds up very well. The Nightmare Before Christmas was the feature length film done in stop motion. Stop motion is one of my favorite forms of animation. It always impresses me. The animation in the film is simply marvelous. The backgrounds are detailed, the sets are wonderfully crafted, and the characters move so smoothly. I just love the look of the movie. It's pure eye candy.

    The Nightmare Beofore Christmas is such great film. It has an original, imaginative story, great characters, unforgettable music, and spectacular animation. I love how this is a film you can watch on both Halloween and Christmas. Heck, I even watch it when it's not the holiday season! The Nightmare Beofore Christmas is truly wonderful film. It's a classic film that I will enjoy watching for years to come.

    ♫There's children throwing snowballs instead of throwing heads.♫
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, 1993)

    A cult film that deserves its status.
  • Hocus Pocus (PG, 1993)

    As a kid I waited in squeamish anticipation for Hocus Pocus to show up on the Disney channel during ... read moretheir Halloween month. Most years I was not disappointed, but it's been a while, so this year I revisited this 90's kids' classic in order to brush nostalgia once more. Most of it still holds up as a well written, creepy, wicked kids' film, using a threesome of strange witches to prey on children for their survival. As a child, it's extremely unsettling to think of your life depending on the desires of three immortal beings with long fingernails and a cauldron to cook their potions. Even though it held many of the 90's Disney misgivings (comic foils who use slang such as "tubular" and "dude", a heavily quoted "virgin" male protagonist, and the plot device of moving to a new town.) I watched it as a kid and loved the supernatural elements. Besides incorporating the true tales of the Salem witches with a generally ridiculous plot line, the art direction was cutesy, the effects believable, and everything rang creepy as a kid. Today I see much of this as 90's cheese, right down to Gary and Penny Marshall playing a married couple (they're brother and sister), Bette Midler singing an old standard in a rock genre, and the bad animatronics on Thackery Binx, a boy transformed into a cat. Besides that, there are so many questions and plot holes, especially concerning Thackery. It didn't ring as genius as it did back when I was a kid, but it was still a great example of a kid's film done right.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, 1993)

    It may have been directed by Henry Selick, but this is a Tim Burton film through and through.
    <... read morebr />Based on a long poem Burton wrote while working at Disney as an animator, this is a lively, creative, and imaginative cross holiday, stop-motion musical fantasy.

    The story concerns a world not all that different from ours, but where each holiday has there own little world separated by ours through a portal. Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, and, though he consistently delivers the goods each year, he starts growing tired of his life and falls into a bit of an existential funk. After stumbling into the wonderous world of Christmastown, Jack becomes excited and amazed by what he sees, and decides to try his hand at being Santa Claus. Despite his good intentions, Jack's limited grasp on Christmas traditions ends up spiraling out of control, and, if something drastic doesn't happen, then holidays could be forever altered, and not necessarily for the better.

    Two decades after its release, and this film holds up remarkably well, and basically comes off as timeless. Its a loving tribute to both Christmas and Halloween, and, despite some mildly intense and spooky images and moments, makes for a delightful family film to be enjoyed during multiple holiday seasons (especially), if not all the time.

    The art direction, set and character designs, and stop-motion animation are brilliantly conceived and executed, and I am never not impressed by how this was all done. These elements are classic Burton, and, for better or worse, this film is one of the main reasons why Hot Topic is still around.

    Danny Elfman's score and lyrics are great, and his performance as Jack's singing voice is awesome too. The music is a nice blend of Halloween and Christmasy types of music, and the blend works pretty well. There's even some nice blues/jazzy moments thrown in as well.

    As Jack's speaking voice, Chris Sarandon puts in some nice work, and Burton regulars Catherine O'Hara, Glenn Shaddix, and Paul Reubens also deliver some fine work.

    Clocking in at a mere 76 minutes, this is a perfectly paced romp that is heartwarming, has some nice messages, and really delivers the goods where entertainment value is concerned. It's an all around brilliant affair, so yes, if you haven't yet seen it, you really must.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, 1993)

    the most magical film ever created by the mind of tim burton. It truly captures your imagination, yo... read moreu feel magic, wonder, and fear while watching it and you come back to the real world satisfied at the end truly one of the best
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG, 1993)

    - by fb1442511448
    Ghoulish & frightful scenery and presentation, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a seasonal trea... read moret that is eerily swell. From its effortless animation to its splendid musical numbers, Tim Burton's original tale is majestic and visionary. 4/5